“Proud manufacturer of safety products and fire resistant gloves for over 30 years, since 1981”

The specialization of the company in the production of high quality but ergonomic design, heat resistance gloves created a high awareness as well as recognition among the industrial sector.
The compliance with all the rules and standards of the European Union created the name of the most reliable company in the market.

The products perception from the local market inspired the company to design and create more products based on the same raw material, like the gloves, the PARA-ARAMID material.

The gloves were embraced with the fire proof aprons, leggings and sleeves, all made by the same material, the PARA-ARAMID, that can accompany professionals like welders, bakers, foundry workers, industrial workers, firefighters as well as common homeowners, barbecue enthusiasts, chefs, and much more.


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Safety Products

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A 30 years tradition in protecting people from fire and extreme temperature is our certificate of performance. Thousands of companies and induvidual users enjoy our products’ quality, dexterity, ergonomic design and flexibility in fighting fire and high temperature.


With customers all over Europe we are looking forward in expanding even further so everyone can get the best safety to price ratio in a product that you can find in the market to date.
But our goal is not only to provide small businesses with the best safety products but also large industrial companies.


With signed certifications under EU and US standards each and every pair undergoes under a barrage of tests before being shipped out to our customer.
Our highly trained and skilled Safety Officer insures that every one gets the best out of our product whether if you are a baker or an industrial worker.

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Withstand up to 1000°C

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Direct touch with hot griddles

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Prolonged exposure to heat

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Construction Workers

Gloves and protection equipment against mechanical hazards for light and heavy industrial use.


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