Artoza Exhibition 2019 – We’ll be there!

Among the most powerful and specialized exhibitions in Greece and one of the most recognized in its kind internationally, ARTOZA is a glamorous “diamond” exhibition since time, as the most important commercial contacts and agreements between the supplying market and the bakery professionals and Confectionery in the country, but also in the wider region.

As always, so in 2019 the exhibition is hosted at the Metropolitan Expo from February 22nd to February 25th. This exhibition is being held every two years in Athens and as always in 2019 we will be there so you can get to know us and the products we manufacture.

Our refractory gloves are made of 100% polyamide, a derivative of the well-known Kevlar material, and can offer protection at temperatures up to 500 degrees Celsius! With over 900+ active bakeries throughout Greece as well as in other sectors such as quarries, steelworks, foundries, etc. to be protected from our perfectly idealized products.

With live demonstrations that show the durability of our products such as direct contact with temperature and flame, resistance to cutting with a knife, etc. to see with your eyes the degree of protection they offer you.

In addition to our own products, we will also have other products such as cleansers, disposable gloves and caps, aprons, etc. we are sure that every baker and confectioner will be amazed!

You can find us at HALL 2 – stand D28

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