What are Heat-Resistant Gloves?

What are Heat-Resistant Gloves?

Are there many types of Heat-Resistant Gloves?

In order to provide workers with the maximum number of benefits in the workplace, most heat-resistant glove styles feature a combination of these high-performing materials. This way, along with providing an impressive level of heat protection, the glove will also protect the worker against other common workplace hazards (such as cuts, abrasion, or puncture risks) at the same time.

How do I choose the right Heat-Resistant product?

Consider the following:

  • Is degradation an issue?
  • How much insulation do I need?
  • What is the temperature of the workplace I’ll be in?
  • Will I be handling heated objects?
    • What will be the actual temperature of the objects?
    • How long will I be holding them for?
  • How much dexterity will I require in order to get the job done?
    • Will mitts or gloves be more beneficial in my workplace?

When it comes to choosing the best style of heat-resistant gloves for the job, all of these factors are important. For example, the temperature of the object will determine what type of fiber is required. And, if having a full range of movement in your hands is crucial for getting the job done, you won’t want to be wearing a glove that provides excellent heat protection but is extremely bulky and hard to maneuver. Basically, you’ll want want to make sure that you haven’t chosen a glove that’s so thick that you won’t be able to do your job, but you don’t want one that’s too thin to provide you with enough heat protection. For this reason, it’s crucial that when choosing your next pair of heat-resistant gloves, you keep your work conditions and job requirements top of mind.Searching for your next pair of work gloves? Why not browse our heat-resistant gloves category? We offer a number of different glove styles that were crafted with these types of hazards in mind.

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