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Waterproof Vest with zippers polyester FAGEO

Vests made by polyester with modern design ideal for work as well as every day use, waterproof even in the heaviest rain.

Work Vest BODY WARMER with cotton padding FAGEO


Vests made by polyester and cotton to keep you warm even in very cold environments, ideal for painters, craftsmen, mechanics, welders, military personnel, construction workers and other similar professions or just simply everyday use for hiking, mountaineering, running, etc.

Waterproof jacket windproof FAGEO black/navy


Jacket for outdoor activities, ideal for everyday use either at your work or just for recreational purposes. Provides excellent water and wind proofing in order to stay dry and warm even in the most harsh weather.

Safety shoes DUCATI LE MANS S3 SRC

Ducati safety shoes in navy blue / grey color that can protect you during work-hours and provide you with the best fit possible at the same time.